Designed as a learning aid and teaching tool, these Herb Cards can be used to deepen Herbal Medicine knowledge and practice.

For all gardeners, designers, herbalists, medicine makers, permaculturists, herb farmers, wellness practitioners and plant lovers!  


A variety of hands-on learning processes are provided with this set, or you may create your own. Use these cards to improve your own Herbal and plant studies, assist in the design of Medicinal Gardens or accompany your existing practice.Information on both the Gardening and Medicinal aspects of 33 safe and effective plant medicines is provided within the deck. 


Gardening Cards: Plant family, Origin, Climate, Description, Botanical Identification, 

Cultivation, Root System, Nectary and Edibility. 


Medicinal Cards: Plant family, Origin, Energetics, Foundation, Primary and Secondary actions, Major Consituents, Harvest and Medicine Making. 


These Herbal Medicine and Medicinal Garden Radical Education cards have been designed using Permaculture principles and creative facilitation methodologies. Consideration has been given to the many different learning styles people experience, and the cards can be used and adapted to a variety of diverse learning processes.


Copyright The Perma Pixie and Willow Herb-nerd 2017. 

Herbal Medicine and Medicinal Garden Cards

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