The Perma Pixie (Taj Scicluna) is passionate and motivated to inspire and educate people to live more nourishing and regenerative lifestyles with a deep connection to Nature. 


Using her skills of Permaculture and Herbalism, she reminds those wishing for a deeper sense of purpose that individual and collective action can generate change and reformat the current state of humanity. 


Being a fringe dweller, The Perma Pixie straddles the worlds of nature connection and professional business, hoping this will ripple through to others and create larger effects beyond the scope of her reach. 


She intends to create a fusion of ancient wisdom with modern times, weaving the awareness of the past with the knowledge at present to form a synergy that will benefit future generations. 

This is where functionality meets alchemy, a marriage of the mystical and practicality, an awareness of the internal and external landscapes which can exist in harmony. 


Taj is well versed in Permaculture Design, specialising in Ornamental Edible Gardens that mimic natural systems for beauty and efficiency. Her journey has now lead her to facilitate Social Permaculture workshops, focusing on the awareness of the self and how we may integrate ourselves back into forms of community for a positive impact on the Earths systems and processes.












Being introduced to the world of Permaculture in 2007 changed Taj’s life forever!Through participation in her first Permaculture Design Course in 2009, she felt as if she had finally found something that she could direct her energy to make a difference to the devastation that was happening to the Earth and its inhabitants.

She has completed two Permaculture Design Courses and a Permaculture Diploma. Taj has run Permaculture Design Courses with Co-Teacher Tamara Griffiths in the Dandenong Ranges, which incorporate interactive and creative teaching methods for all kinds of learning styles. Taj has completed two Permaculture Teaching Trainings, with both Robyn Clayfield and Rosemary Morrow, and self studies Facilitation and Social Permaculture.


Taj Scicluna was a Board Director of Permaculture Australia during 2015, and looks forward to offering Social Permaculture processes to other organisations in the future. 

Her passions include Herbal Medicine, which she studies, and Spoken word poetry, and she aims to bring back peoples medicine, peoples food and peoples freedom through individual action and community empowerment.


Self-studying Herbalism since the age of 14, she currently studies 2 Herbalism Courses, having already completed one, to gain various perspectives on Medicine, Plants and Ethnobotany. 

She is not necessarily a Herbalist practitioner, finding her strength more in being a Medicine maker and Educator, focusing on Phytochemistry, Nutrition, Plant Medicine and facilitating the idea of Medicine being a lifestyle, not a symptomatic response.  


Taj has continued both her formal and informal study of Permaculture, taught Wildfood, Natural Cosmetics, Edible Weeds, Soil Understanding and Herbal first Aid Workshops at CERES Environment Center, facilitated her own Permaculture Design Courses with Tamara Griffiths and Ducky, Attended the first ReGrarians PDC with Darren Doherty, Designed and created the 2013 - 2015 Rainbow Serpent Permaculture Garden and completed Robin Clayfields 'Dynamic Groups' course, focusing on how to teach Permaculture creatively.​


During early 2015 she lived as part of 'The Simple Way' Project, to explore Permaculture techniques, Simple Living and Community Involvement.The Perma Pixie has recently completed Rosemary Morrow's Teacher Training in Tasmania, and an Advanced Permaculture Design Course with Dan Palmer.



The Perma Pixie has participated in various Bee Keeping, Primitive Living and Natural Building courses, interested in the techniques as well as the strategies of Permaculture and Rewilding.

Although her biggest passion is Education, aiming to empower others to make changes to more rich and fulfilling ways of living, she loves to get her hands dirty by designing and creating lush Edible and Medicinal wonderlands!

The Pixie's Proof on Paper: 

- Permaculture Design Course (Southern Cross, 2009) 
- Cert II in Horticulture (Swinburne, 2010) 
- Permaculture Diploma (Eltham College, 2011)

- Dynamic Groups + Community Covernance (Robin Clayfield, 2012)
- Cert IV in Micro-Business (Boxhill TAFE, 2013) 
- Regrarians PDC (Darren Doherty, 2014) 
- Permaculture Australia Board Director (2014) 
- Soil Food Web Course (Dr. Elaine Ingham, 2014) 
- Permaculture Teacher Training (Rosemary Morrow, 2015) 
- Advanced Design Course (Dan Palmer, 2015) 
- Forest Garden Design Intensive (Dave Jacke, 2016) 


Advanced Diploma of Western Herbal Medicine (Ivy College) 
Advanced Herbalism (Herbal Academy of New England)

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