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'The Perma Pixie' is Taj Scicluna's small business, based on her deep poetic love of the Botanical Realm.

Taj is an artist who fuses together her love of Herbalism, Foraging, Writing, Cooking, Ecosystem Health, Personal Health and Education into a cohesive offering. Her business is a platform for creativity, a place to weave the romantic wonder of the botanical into something tangible to share with the world. 


At her core, Taj aims to support people as they bridge the gap between themselves and 'nature', to support the 'remembering' that we belong to the botanical, that we are woven into the photosynthetic web, and that we are truly animal.

She aims to co-collaborate in repairing the rupture we have created in our experience of being 'civilised', of using language to keep us separate, believing that healing is done in this process of being in relationship with the botanical rather than treating it as a resource. Healing is within the process, not the product.

To carry out this purpose, Taj lives a lifestyle dedicated to her values, and educates via workshops, courses, mentorship, patreon and one-on-one cliental consults. 










Being neurodivergent, Taj gravitated to green spaces as a child as they calmed her nervous system, and because there she was never reprimanded for being 'different' or for not conforming to the ways in which most people seemed to behave. 


The green spaces were always welcoming, always accepting, and had messages of deep wisdom she wanted to explore. Falling in love with every creature, feeling the interconnectivity between herself and the rest of the vivacious, living world, she soon became aware of the perils of mankind and the threat these habitats and inhabitants were under. 

Her life's purpose became a means to decrease this threat upon the wild places, as she understood the delicate fabric that was being ravaged in the wake of colonialism, capitalism and industrialisation. 

Although now she does not see it as her sole responsibility to repair this rupture, Taj Scicluna is committed to finding collective solutions, whilst enjoying a rich, adventurous and whimsical life. 

Taj Scicluna specialises in Herbalism practices for those with neurodivergence and anxiety, focusing on the systemic links between the nervous, digestive and immune systems. 

She is currently writing her first book, and creating botanical art in the form of writing, drawing, videos, workshops, recipes and more for Patrons is what helps her fuel this process (Support The Perma Pixie on Pateon). 

Education is at the core of all Taj does, as she believes this is by far the most Revolutionary Act. 









Taj Scicluna grew up in suburbia and did not even know how to make a campfire when she was 18yrs old. Since she has taught herself many practical skills to bring her closer to having a relationship with the land. 
She has been part of 'A Simpler Way' documentary, living on community and practicing simple living, taught on various Permaculture Design Courses, as well as creating her own in 2018. 

During 2015 she was a Board Director of Permaculture Australia and an Accredited Permaculture Training member, and has been teaching at CERES Environment Park in Brunswick for over 7 years. 


Taj has lived on various farms and communities, learning skills along the way as she started in suburbia and has been determined to embrace this way of living. 


The Perma Pixie has participated in various Bee Keeping, Primitive Living and Natural Building courses, interested in the techniques as well as the strategies of Permaculture and Rewilding.

The Pixie's Proof on Paper: 

- Permaculture Design Course (Southern Cross, 2009) 
- Cert II in Horticulture (Swinburne, 2010) 
- Permaculture Diploma (Eltham College, 2011)

- Dynamic Groups + Community Covernance (Robin Clayfield, 2012)
- Cert IV in Micro-Business (Boxhill TAFE, 2013) 
- Regrarians PDC (Darren Doherty, 2014) 
- Permaculture Australia Board Director (2014) 
- Soil Food Web Course (Dr. Elaine Ingham, 2014) 
- Permaculture Teacher Training (Rosemary Morrow, 2015) 
- Advanced Design Course (Dan Palmer, 2015) 
- Forest Garden Design Intensive (Dave Jacke, 2016) 

 - Advanced Diploma of Western Herbal Medicine (Ivy College 2015) 
- Advanced Herbalism (Herbal Academy of New England 2018)

- Phytochemistry Course (The Human Path 2019)
- Bachelor of Health Science: Western Herbal Medicine (SSNT 2022)

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