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Permaculture Internship 

Geo Eco Farm


Tuesdays 10am - 4pm 
15th October - 26th November 2019 


We invite those who would like to expand their skill and knowledge in the realms of farming, homesteading and regenerative living to join us on the land. 

Permaculture Internship



What is Permaculture:

Permaculture is a design science that focuses on the relationship between elements within a system. Using nature as a foundation, Permaculture harnesses the energy within a system for maximum efficiency and minimal waste (just like a forest does!).

These design principles can be applied to all kinds of systems, working with nature to provide positive solutions for environmental and social regeneration. 


What is an Internship:

This internship is an exchange of labor for practical Permaculture experience and skill-based learning on the farm. 


The Farm: 

Geo Eco, owned and regenerated by Jenny Darmos, is a farmstead property that has multiple elements, including; orchards, goats, pigs, sheep, ducks, geese, chickens, vegetable gardens, herb gardens, greenhouses and more. 

The Perma Pixie is assisting in the managent of this beautiful property in Silvan, and invites you in a collaboration to create efficient systems and a beautiful atmosphere. 



Using Permaculture design processes, we will be observing the land and implementing design strategies for fluid social, structural and environmental ecosystems. 



What you will Learn: 

Permaculture principles 

Permaculture strategies 



Animal husbandry 

Harvesting, storing and processing foods 



Farm maintenance 

Vegetable Gardening 

Fruit tree care 


Tree planting 

Making compost 

....and more 



There are a maximum of 8 places for this internship, to allow for a more comfortable and focused learning experience. 

To reserve your place 



This is an exchange of labor for skill and knowledge. 

However, The farm does require funding for certain materials, so we ask people to make a donation to the farm that may be appropriate to their budget and how they feel in regards to the exchange. 

Our donation prices based on your budget are $250 - $1000 for the 7 weeks. 

This does not pay facilitators, teachers or gardeners - we are exchanging our time facilitating for your labour. The cost secures your place and assists with the materials that we will be building and gardening with. 

This is a response to Permaculture Design Courses being information heavy, to cater for people that are hands-on learners and like to get into the dirt, want to learn practical skills that can benefit the land as well as themselves. 


Join us in our Spring Permaculture Internship for an immersive experience that will leave you feeling connected and empowered. 

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