Permaculture Internship

Urban Permaculture Internship

Brunswick, Melbourne

March 5th - 26th 2021
4 weeks 


10am - 3pm



We invite those who would like to expand their skill and knowledge in the realms of permaculture, homesteading and regenerative living to join us on an exploration of practical skill-based learning.

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This course is a response to climate change in that it is teaching people more self and community reliance within a city and urban environment. 
We need strategies which are going to improve our quality of life locally, strengthening pre-existing systems and finding other processes that create stability and resilience. 

What is Permaculture:


Permaculture is a design science that focuses on the relationship between elements within a system. Using nature as a foundation, Permaculture harnesses the energy within a system for maximum efficiency and minimal waste (just like a forest does!).


These design principles can be applied to all kinds of systems, working with nature to provide positive solutions for environmental and social regeneration.



Urban Permaculture is needed more than ever so we can keep our wild places intact, exploring how to live sustainable as local as possible within our existing communities.



What is an Internship:

This internship is an exchange of labor for practical Permaculture experience and skill-based learning in urban environments.





What you will Learn:


Permaculture principles

Permaculture strategies


Wicking Beds & Carpentry


Homesteading & Fermentation

Vegetable Gardening, Fruit tree care & Pruning


Soil Care & Making Compost







There are a maximum of 14 places for this internship, to allow for a more comfortable and focused learning experience.


* Accessibility is important! If you cannot afford even the lowest amount, we have 1 work exchange place available where you can help us on the farm at other times with things, to apply please email





This is an exchange of labour for skill and knowledge.

Our donation prices based on your budget are $350 - $980 for the 4 weeks.

This donation is based on a sliding scale in relation to your financial comfort levels. Please read descriptions and give based on your ability. 





This is a response to Permaculture Design Courses being information-heavy, to cater for people that are hands-on learners and like to get into the dirt, want to learn practical skills that can benefit the land as well as themselves.




Join us in our Urban Permaculture Internship for an immersive experience that will leave you feeling connected and empowered.

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