Natural Building Internship

Monday December 3rd- Saturday December 15th


Cost; $500/week.

Includes Lunch, morning/afternoon snacks, tea and coffee.

Onsite camping available.

9am-10:30am Classroom (history, philosophy and theory)


11:00am-1pm Hands-on introduction


2pm-5pm Natural building project


Of The Earth and the Perma Pixie present a very special natural building workshop located at Geo-Echo, a budding permaculture farm and education centre located on the fertile soils of Silvan, Dandenong Ranges. This two week workshop will give participants a full spectrum of skills and knowledge in the most viable, sustainable forms of natural building. A comprehensive grounding in theory will be built upon by getting involved in on-site projects. These will include a straw bale garden gazebo, tyre retaining walls and superadobe wicking bed.

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Natural Building


We will be learning hands-on:

- Straw bale wall construction

- Tyre wall construction AKA Earthships 

- Natural rendering (lime and earth) 

- Earthen floors

- Green roofs 

- hemp building

- Cob making

- Superadobe

- bottle bricks and walls

- passive solar design

- planning for a natural build


A typical day of the workshop will cover the history, philosophy and theory of natural building vernacular, followed by a practical, hands-on introduction to the materials out in the field. We’ll work with raw materials, tools and learn techniques while preparing a site on the farm to begin and complete a natural building project. Due to the variety of natural building styles we’ll be covering, it won’t be possible to get a practical taste of all of them. The knowledge you’ll gain from the workshop will allow you to navigate the various areas of natural building with understanding and confidence to follow up after the course.


Kegan Daly

Kegan is a natural builder, specialising in Earthship and straw bale construction. He’s also a qualified horticulturist, permaculture designer/teacher and university-educated in environmental philosophy and political theory.

Disillusioned with the practical limitations of conventional activism, Kegan became passionate about combining the radical strategies of grassroots direct action and down-to-earth design processes of permaculture. His transition occurred with study and practise in the complementary fields of permaculture design, horticulture, natural building (straw bale and Earthships), environmental philosophy and the sociology of nature.

Natural building is the core of Kegan’s skill base which began by working for veteran straw bale builder, Lance Kairl from House Of Bales in South Australia and studying Earthship construction at the Earthship Biotecture Academy with Michael Reynolds in Taos, New Mexico.

Upon returning from Taos in 2015, Kegan established a small business, Of The Earth: Building Permaculture Landscapes that he now runs on a full-time basis. Having worked on Australia’s keystone earth building community projects in SA (straw bale gazebo project at Flinders University and Earthship Ironbank) and NSW (Earthship Marulan), Kegan is now respected in the natural building community as a dedicated, hard-working, skilled tradesperson whose life practise and philosophy is grounded in permaculture principles and ethics.

Kegan is also immersed in underground music culture having been a vocalist for doom, black metal and post-rock bands for 15 years, managed a record label and currently the curator and tour logistics manager for the touring company, Tulpa Collective.

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