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Oct 13th-14th 2018
Geo Echo Farm 
Silvan, Vic 



The Perma Pixie and Willow Herb-nerd wish to bring Medicine to Homes, Plates and Backyards!

Our society has become disconnected from the ability to heal ourselves and contribute to our overall health by the ways of preventative, precautionary and nourishing Medicine. Two thirds of Pharmaceuticals are still derived from plant sources today. Become more self-relient and resilient by taking back our ancient wisdom and bringing healing into your own hands.



'Medicinal Gardening' is a course like no other! Through her studies of Natropathy and Western Herbal Medicine 'The Perma Pixie' has found no course which delivers material based on a physical connection with the plants. 

This 2 day course is designed to show participants what the plants that heal actually look like, in order to develop an intuative approach to health and wellbeing combined with the theoretic and scientific.

What you will Learn: 
- Growing Conditions of Individual Plants 
- Caring for and Creating Fertile Soil 
- Basic Botany and Plant Identification
- Harvesting, Drying and Storing Plant Material 
- Medicine Making 


The class will take place on a farm property and inside a beautiful hand-made natural abode and will give participants a chance to see, feel, touch, taste and smell the plants to gain hands on experience that will continue once the class has finished.


Your Facilitators will be Taj Scicluna (The Perma Pixie) and Willow (Herb-Nerd), two woman with a deep passion for plants and medicines, who wish to empower you to reclaim medicine and spark an appreciation and reverence for the healing power of plants!


By the end of the course you will understand how plants heal, and have your own take home medicines with handouts to continue your Herbal Journey!

Medicinal Gardening Workshop 

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