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Use this Winter season to immerse yourself in the wisdom of Herbal Medicine, as we allow our ancestral roots to delve deep into the soil of our minds, drawing out a remembrance as we learn the Herbal ways of old. 


Do you remember? 


When you walk in the forest and breathe the air that our green ancestors share, the gift of 4.5 billion years of evolution, do you remember? 

When you pick summer flowers along the street, their aroma as ripe as their nectar, and you smile at the visiting bees, do you remember? 

When you crunch autumn leaves underfoot, smelling their sweet decay, their gift of regeneration, do you remember? 


Re-invigorate your intuition, remember who you are. 


Our ancestors cultivated landscapes for our generations to enjoy, and now, we offer an invitation to remember your wild roots, and reclaim your responsibility as Earth steward. 


Herbalism is in our bones, and this course is designed using creative facilitation methods and Permaculture principles, to bring forth the wisdom that already lives inside you. 

Alchemical Ecology 

6 Week Course

Herbal Medicine


Saturdays 10am-4pm 

July 7th - Aug 11th 2018 

Winter Immersion Program

Geo Eco Farm  

Just beyond the Dandenong Ranges,

Victoria, Australia 

6 Week Course - 38 hrs 

$650 for the full 6 weeks 

We are launching this course for the first time, and are offering the full 6 week program for $650, roughly $100 a week, with all course material covered and take-home herbal medicines each week. This is a limited time offer to celebrate the launch of this first of its kind Herbalism course in Australia!



Silvan, Victoria 

Set on a working farm amongst the goats and chickens, listening to the call of geese and babbling ducks, nestled between the vegetable gardens in a cosy classroom with a fireplace. The medicinal herb garden in the distance, overlooks our learning experience and is ready to teach us her ways. 




Course Description: 


We will be exploring the plants in relation to the seasons, the medicine they offer, the body systems and applicable medicines. Each week will be grounded in practice, making medicines with the herbs by our cosy fireplace, as we allow them to speak through our hands, cultivating a relationship with the vegetative world. 

6 Week Herbal Medicine Course

6 Week Herbal Medicine Course


6 Week Herbal Medicine Course

6 Week Herbal Medicine Course


6 Week Herbal Medicine Course

6 Week Herbal Medicine Course

Seasonal Cycles

6 Week Herbal Medicine Course

6 Week Herbal Medicine Course

Body Systems

6 Week Herbal Medicine Course

6 Week Herbal Medicine Course

Medicine Making

Course Curriculum: 


Week 1

Saturday July 7th 2018

The Energetics of People and Plants 

Core Component: Foundational Actions 


Discover energetics and how they apply to your temperament and life, how they are embodied in plants, and how we can formulate a synergistic connection with the herbs that will most benefit your constitution. 

We will be looking at the patterns of Foundational Actions in herbal medicine and how they can easily expand your knowledge and understanding of the plant Kingdom. 


Week 2

Saturday July 14th 2018

Season: Autumn

Seasonal Medicine: Seeds & Fruits 

Body System: Respiratory System 

Core Component: Primary Actions 

Medicine Making: 


This is the harvest time of year, where berries and seeds are abundant and we can be in relation with them for our own healing and wellbeing. 

The Autumn is the time to tend to the lungs, and we will be using the Respiratory System as our guide in this weeks lesson. 

The core component will take us on a journey through primary actions, and how we can use these as a pattern to understand Herbal Medicine. 


Week 3

Saturday July 21st 2018

Season: Winter 

Seasonal Medicine: Bark & Roots 

Body System: Muscular System 

Core Component: Plant Chemistry 

Medicine Making 


The seasonal focus of this week is Winter, exploring the depth of medicine which resides in the bark and roots of plants. 

A time to tend to the muscular system, soothing the soreness of summer with medicines which promote deep healing and rest. 

The core component will focus on the building blocks of the plant world, diving into phytochemistry to learn the main healing compounds and how they offer healing. 


Week 4

Saturday July 28th 2018

Season: Spring

Seasonal Medicine: Sap & Shoots

Body System: Urinary System

Core Component: Botany 

Medicine Making  


The wheel of the year turns to the green shoots of Spring, and we will be honing in on the wonder that the rising sap of this time has to offer. 

This is the time of detox, as we wring out the languid days of winter and prepare for more active times. This class will focus on the urinary system and its detoxifying properties, making medicines with green shoots and spring sap to cleanse the body. 

The core component will have us immersed in the language of the plants as we learn botany and how it may assist in the identification of plant families and species. 


Week 5

Saturday August 4th 2018

Season: Summer

Seasonal Medicine: Leaves & Blooms 

Body System: Epithelial System 

Core Component: Medicine in the Garden 

Medicine Making 


The seasonal exploration for this class is Summer, as flowers bloom with fullness, exposing their petals to the sun, and the world is illuminated with the colour of chlorophyll in leaves. 

Our skin requires nourishment during these times exposed to the suns rays, and we will be deepening our understanding of the Epithelial system, handcrafting medicines for topical applications from the summers bounty of flowers. 


Week 6 

Saturday August 11th 2018

The Medicine Wheel 

Herbal Formulation 

Medicine Making 


The wheel of the year has completed its cycle, and now we take all we have learned to spiral ourselves into a new year of Herbal application. 

This week will focus on the art of Herbal formulation, choosing medicines which create a synergy together, and discussing common ailments we may want to treat as budding herbalists. 

This week we will get creative, and you will be able to make your own medicines with the tools you have acquired throughout the course, with minimal instruction and gentle guidance from your facilitators. 

Harnessing your creative potential and experiential wisdom, you will bring the seasonal learnings and their core components together to formulate a synergistic Herbal Medicine. 

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