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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Fostering a sense of Belonging, through Plant Connection & Community

Entering a world where deep reverence for the natural world is encouraged and celebrated. 

Feeling connected to a community of inspired, interested, and caring people, a restful yet exciting space to learn. 

Where science is not at odds with the spirit, 

cultivating a sense of security in woodlands, meadows and forests. 

Cultivating Animate Awe. 



The Herbal Apprentice

September 8th - October 27th 2023
Fridays 10am - 3pm - 8 Week Course

$950 - *payment plans available

This course is designed for those wanting to deeper their connection to medicinal plants, whilst supporting the wellbeing of ecosystems.

The Herbal Apprentice course is designed to give participants the tools they need to evoke medicinal practice into daily living, through wild and medicinal cuisine and seasonal recipes, ethical gardening and wildcrafting techniques, mindful harvesting and deep botanical connection.


CERES Environment Park, Brunswick

Can't study face to face? 

Check out our ONLINE Course! 

What will I Learn?

  • Learn about medicinal gardens using permaculture principles, techniques and strategies

  • Explore botanical and herbal terminology to further future study and better understand resources

  • Create hand-crafted herbal remedies at home, with a focus on locally sourced and grown herbs for both potency and ecological conservation

  • Gain knowledge of herbal properties, uses and applications

  • Explore intuitive ways of understanding plants, cultivating a sense of trust in our ability to work with plants and empower ourselves

Is this Course for Me?

Designed for both beginners and those wanting to deepen their personal practice as a Herbalist or Naturopath, this course has been designed to provide an introduction to:

  • Understanding plants through lenses of both folklore and science, giving a grounding in basic botany, phytochemistry and physiology as well as guidance to intuitively work with plants

  • Developing a relationship with plant medicine that is not primarily extractive, focusing on regenerative medicinal systems that can empower people and communities and repair ecosystems

If you are interested in true wholistic Herbalism, approaching this lifestyle with an aim to care for ecosystems, as well as individuals, this course is for you! 

What will I Receive

  • Immersive herbal education

  • Herbal Gift Bag with Medicine Jars & Labels for the 8 weeks 

  • A Hand-crafted Herbal Remedy each week 

  • Full 28page Course Workbook

  • Medicinal Cuttings & Seeds

  • Access to a Herbal Community 

  • Exercises to deepen Herbalism knowledge and practice 

  • Resources 

  • 25% off Botanical Education Knowledge Cards used in Course 


Alexa Young, CA

Course Structure 

Session 1

  • Botanical animism

  • Medicinal seed germination

  • Making infused herbal oils

Session 2

  • Patterns of traditional western herbalism (Energetics & Foundational Actions)

  • Medicinal plant cultivation

  • Making herbal infused vinegars

​Session 3

  • Herbal language and terminology
    (Primary Actions)

  • Making herbal syrups

Session 4

  • Herbalism and human physiology (Primary Actions & Body Systems)

  • Harvesting and drying herbs

  • Making herbal tinctures

​Session 5

  • Understanding common ailments

  • Herbal Topical Applications 

Session 6

  • Plant chemistry basics

  • Making herbal salves

Session 7

  • Plant alchemy intro

  • Case studies of common ailments

  • Making herbal incense

Session 8

  • Community supported herbalism

  • The medicine wheel – bringing it together

  • Plant project and celebration

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