Ornamental edible and medicinal wonderlands 

Small Scale Ornamental Edible Gardens are The Perma Pixie's specialty, bringing good quality organic produce to your doorstep, without the cost or the food miles!
Edible gardens can look absolutely beautiful, and The Perma Pixie takes great pride in making her gardens works of art.
Not only do these gardens look lush, they can supply people with food and nourishment!


The Perma Pixie turns Gardens into works of Art, focusing on the Composition, Atmosphere, Contrast and Form of the space, as well as the Functionality and Ecological integrity.


Some of the Features to consider in your design

and implementation may be:


- Herb Gardens for food, flavour and medicine

- Seasonal Vegetable gardens

- Perennial Vegetable Gardens

- Chicken coops

- Worm Farms and Compost

- Food Forest

- Fruit and Nut Orchards

- Aquaponics systems

- Bee Fodder Gardens

- Animal habitats for Integrated Pest Management

- Animal systems (bees, poultry, livestock) 

$55 per hour + Materials

Your backyard could be the next conscious sustainable

step to global ecological solutions!



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Permaculture Systems

Ornamental Edible Gardens

Ornamental Edible Gardens

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Animal Systems

Medicinal Gardens

Medicinal Gardens

Building Soil

Building Soil

Creating Ecosystems

Creating Ecosystems

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