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Foraging Course
 wild cuisine course  

Foraging is a Revolutionary Act 

Cultivate a Relationship with your Bioregion. Nourish your body with plants rich in Phytonutrients. 
Make wildcrafted cuisine from abundant botanicals. Enjoy foods free from modern agricultural treatment. 
Improve your digestion. Calm your nervous system. 
Reclaim Food & Medicine. 

This course is designed with pattern learning, meaning you will be given tools to assist you with further foraging, rather than just the details that can be found in many books. 
Delve into plant families, properties of common wild foods and delicious recipes that can entice your senses.   

What you will learn:

Foraging Course

5 Modules



During the Face to Face course, The Perma Pixie will share delicious condiments, foods and beverages made from these plants to celebrate at the end of the evening of learning!

Celebrate food diversity with this face to face, hands-on and interactive course.

Plant Identification 
& Safety 

Learn to safely identify common wild plants and determine their edibility. 

Common poisonous plants to be aware of and avoid. 

Common Plant family identification. 


Sustainable Wildcrafting.  

Wild Plant Properties
& Uses 

Using the senses to determine what properties a plant has. 

How  wild plants can be used for improving digestion & treating some common ailments. 

Medicinal properties, as well as nutrient and mineral profiles of edible wild foods. 

Delicious Wild
Cuisine Recipes

Recipes for seasonal wild meals. 

Making herbal remedies with foraged plants. 


Creative cuisine and what flavours to match with your wildcrafted plants. 


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