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Permaculture design and consultation

Permaculture is a Design Science!


By taking into consideration the whole ecology of a site and its elements, an efficient design can be made integrating all aspects of your property to create a functional and regenerative system. Permaculture Design works on the principle of working with nature to form stable and resilient ecosystems and communities that will save energy, time and money.

The Perma Pixie provides both consultancy and design, working closely with clients to tailor garden systems to their individual tastes and needs, with the main focus on small scale intensive edible ornamental gardens- Edible Gardens can and do look beautiful as well as providing an abundance of delicious edible food straight from your own backyard!


Designs are completed based on your needs, the unchanging factors within the site itself and the elements you may wish to include in the design.

Permaculture design

Generally, The Perma Pixie will have an initial consultation on site, discussing the clients needs and assessing the landscape, existing features and design elements.
For a suburban block this consultation usually takes up to 2 hours. Larger properties will require a longer site assessment.

The meeting is then condensed into a written Design Brief, which will outline the discussion, property analysis and my suggestions thus far (which will require more research before a completed design and implimentation).

If our visions are syncronized and you wish to proceed with the design. futher research will be done, followed by however many consultations are needed to provide a design at the level of detail you require.



Consultancy fee: $150 (up to two hours. $75 an hour there-after) 
Design Rate: $75 p/h 
Implementation Rate: $55 p/h 


Design Time Estimation: 
Urban 7-14 hrs Suburban 14-20 hrs 

Rural 20+ hrs (depending on size and detail).  

Small Heading
Small Heading
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