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Medicinal Gardening 
ground level course 

Below you will find all workshops and courses offered by The Perma Pixie and Alchemical Ecology with Willow Herbnerd. 

Herbalism begins with the Senses. 

This class will  give participants a chance to see, feel, touch, taste and smell the plants to gain hands-on experience that will continue once the class has finished.

Our society has become disconnected from the ability to heal ourselves and contribute to our overall health by the ways of preventative, precautionary and nourishing Medicine. Two thirds of Pharmaceuticals are still derived from plant sources today. Become more self-reliant and resilient by taking back our ancient wisdom and bringing healing into your own hands.



'Medicinal Gardening' is a course dedicated to learning and founded on a physical connection with the plants. 

This course will assist you to understand the ‘Why’ behind the ‘How’, as each week we uncover the exciting chemistry inside our solvents and herbs, our role as herbalists being to infuse these together in synergy.  

What you will learn:

Germination & 

Learn how to germinate plants from seed and propagate from cuttings. 


The basics of plant cultivation and creating optimal growing conditions. 

Making organic potting mixes at home. 

Garden Design & 

Using Permaculture principles, learn how to best design Medicinal Gardens based on a few simple and effective design strategies. 

Use the orgins of plant species to determine microclimates, and learn how to mimic particular microclimates in your backyard. 

Plant Identification & Botany 

Basic plant identification skills can go a long way in determining what climates plants are suited to, and how they may adapt to your particular context. 

Learn common plant familes and identification techniques. 


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