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Mentoring & The art of facilitation 

Facilitation is not about standing in front of a classroom and talking at people. It is not about reading from a powerpoint. It is not about authority or hierarchy. 

Facilitation is an art, and works like an ecosystem, with many components feeding into each other, creating a collaborative, co-operative synergy. 

The components of a good workshop or course work the same, with consideration to group energy, times of day, duration of exercises, the balance of theory and practice, fluidity of content, comfort and atmosphere. 


A good course or workshop is like a good book, movie, song or essay… it needs to have the right recipe that will carry the participant through a coherent journey. 



Do you want to teach workshops but lack the confidence? 

Would you like to facilitate but your unsure of where to start? 

Are you wanting to educate others about a topic but you are overwhelmed? 

Does the thought of being in front of a class of people make you nervous? 


The Perma Pixie offers one on one facilitation mentoring. 


The Perma Pixie would like to ease your worries and assist you on your journey of offering your knowledge, skill and passion with the world! 


She believes that all people have something incredible to offer, and that it is the delivery of the content which is important. 

There are many ways to ensure workshops are interesting, engaging and interactive, and anyone can do this with the commitment and imagination! 


The Perma Pixie will guide you with the workshop content you would like to share, assisting you with processes, tools, templates and strategies that will allow you to create comfortable atmospheres and inspired participants. 


The Perma Pixie uses Permaculture design strategies to create her own workshops, and can show you how to do the same. 


Facilitating well is largely about self-empowerment and good planning, and the process is imaginative and fun, especially with a little guidance. 


One on one Mentoring: 

Available face to face or via Skype at $115 per hour booking. 

2 and 4 week programs available, or by the hour. 


You will receive guidance in scheduling and creating timetables, reading group energy, creating your own teaching toolkit, building imaginative and fluid facilitation processes, understanding different learning styles, formulating a workshop or course into an artful expression of your unique authenticity. 

To start your own journey towards sharing your own gifts,

please book an appointment and CONTACT The Perma Pixie. 

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