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Taj Scicluna 
BHSc - Western Herbal Medicine 

I do not offer services, I offer a lifestyle. 
I do not work, I create. 

I am not a regular Herbal Clinician, I am a Botanical Revolutionary. 

To me, learning the way of the herbs is a particular language – it infuses the herbalist with a sense of botanical romance… it speaks softly through leaves, the stomata’s open themselves to breathe dew onto the landscape, onto your skin, where it evaporates and becomes clouds… 

The lifestyle comes from a curiosity, and a paying attention...
It comes from a wandering, and a wonder... an awe... a gratitude and appreciation for the world that glitters green. 

What I offer is Radical Botanical Education, and when you see me as a client my priority is to assist your education about your own health, giving you autonomy and trust in your body's own ability heal. 


grassroots herbalism mentorship, Ecosystemic Health Services, 
Personal empowerment & Autonomy and ethical practice  

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Initial Herbalism Consult

1 hr -  Face to Face $130 - Telehealth $110

ENKI Organics, Daylesford 

or Telehealth 


This is a one hour initial appointment to start mapping your inner landscape, and access the quality of life you would like to lead. I will then take time to link together the threads you have given me, weaving them into a tapestry with your next visits.

Sometimes we will be in my apothecary, sometimes we will be in the garden... I don't do white walls and bright lights.

You will not always receive herbs or supplements upon the first visit, as I sometimes like to analyse things more in-depth to better understand what it is you will really need.

I aim to create accessible healthcare that also works in line with my values and ethics of encouraging clients to live healthier lifestyles that are more aligned with their true essence. 

Small Heading

Return Herbalism Consult

45mins - $80
Via Telehealth (currently not taking face-to-face clients, however this will change in future)

It is suggested that upon starting, we have weekly or fortnightly return visits for me to adequately create a bodymind map for you, and understand what is holistically going on.

We will continue to uncover aspects of your health and how I can best empower you with the plants. 


I consider endangered plant species and prescribe herbal medicines that are ethically sourced as much as possible

Ethical Practice

My aim as an artist and  practitioner is to support clients to achieve the quality of life suited to their needs

Quality of Life

I tailor my sessions to listen carefully to your needs, and your bodies innate intelligence


I encourage creating and maintaining a relationship with the botanical world, rather than using it extractively 

Prioritise Relationship

Your body already knows. 
Your body, mind and soul are a story, and I would like to listen to the narrative. 

Making Remedies isn't reserved for the 'professionals'.
Health autonomy begins with creating a relationship to the ecosystem which you are a part of.
Growing, foraging, wildcrafting and making your own personalised remedies is one of the most empowering and healing processes. 

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