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3 days

Oct 19th-21st 2018
Edenhill Farm
East Gippsland, Vic 



Permaculture is the design of systems for efficient, productive and regenerative outcomes. It differers from organic gardening in its approach to planning for functional interconnected systems.


This workshop is an overview of Permaculture Design Course topics, such as plant and animal systems, patterns and ecology, water storage and conservation and energy cycling; focusing on exercises that assist in finding the relationships between elements and how this can lead to higher yields in food production and efficient time and resource distribution.


Access to property is not essential in order to benefit from Permacultures teachings, as the principles can be applied to many different situations. Learn how to live a life of purpose, fulfilling more of your daily needs in a regenerative manner that can lead to positive planetary outcomes.


In this workshop you will learn:

- Permaculture Eithics and Principles 

- Understanding and improving soil

- Animal Systems and Beekeeping

- Annual Garden Systems

- Perennial Garden Systems

- Water management

- Utilising microclimates



This 3 day workshop will guide you in designing for land-based systems that are efficient and beautiful. Become an Earth steward and start practicng regenerative ways of living

Introduction to Permaculture

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