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The Herbal Apprentice
Intermediate level course 

Below you will find all workshops and courses offered by The Perma Pixie and Alchemical Ecology with Willow Herbnerd. 

As you touch the soil, the plants speak; as you tend the garden, the wilderness takes over, and you remember who you are, your place in nature, your deep connection to all that is, was and will be.​

We invite you on a journey, to tend to the land and learn the language of reciprocity, to sow the seeds, delight in growth, reap the harvest, and add the beautiful human contribution that is the creation of medicine.

A plant is not a product. It is a relationship, a connection, a friend, a lover, a care-giver.
We are called to listen.



What you will learn:



This component is divided into 6 medicinal gardening modules, and builds on what is covered in the 'Medicinal Gardening' Course. 


  • Seed Germination & Plant Cultivation

  • Harvesting & Drying Leaves, Flowers, Roots, Bark and Seeds

  • Creating wicking beds for climate change

  • Making compost

  • Mimicking microclimates for plant health

  • Gardening by the moon


This component is divided into 6 modules, and gives a foundation in Herbal understanding and practice.
Core Herbalism Components. 


  • Herbal Energetics 

  • Herbal Foundational Actions 

  • Herbal Primary Actions 

  • Primary Actions and Body Systems 

  • The Energetics of Common Ailments 

  • Working Case Studies

  • Introduction to Plant Alchemy 

Medicine Making 

This component is divided into 6 modules which act as a basic primer for our Medicine Making course. Learn the folk methods of making home remedies. 

  • Fomentation 

  • Herbal infused Oils

  • Herbal infused vinegars

  • Herbal infused alcohol tinctures

  • Herbal Syrups

  • Herbal Salves 

Join us

- from Farm to Pharmacy -


you will learn essential gardening practices, techniques of germination and cultivation, harvesting, drying and storing plant material, and catalysing this material into herbal medicines. 

You will learn the key herbal components for a grounded understanding on using plants for health and healing, with techniques to use in your garden and recipes each week to make your own remedies. 

This program has been developed for those wanting a grassroots connection to the living vivacity around us and an experience to learn from Herbal mentors in a relaxed and professional setting with a focus on inspiration and nourishment.

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