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Medicine Making
 in-depth apothecary course 

Below you will find all workshops and courses offered by The Perma Pixie and Alchemical Ecology with Willow Herbnerd. 

The poetic science of Herbal Medicine Making Explained 

A deep dive into the solubility, formulas and plant chemistry of herbalism.  
For those plant lovers that want their minds blown, those who wish to be better grassroots herbalists, or anyone who wants to broaden their knowledge and skill in hand-crafting medicines.

This course will assist you to understand the ‘Why’ behind the ‘How’, as each week we uncover the exciting chemistry inside our solvents and herbs, our role as herbalists being to infuse these together in synergy.  

What you will learn:

Apothecary Tools

Learn what equipment and materials you will need for your home apothecary, how to determine quality and where to find them.

Having a functional herb station creates an easeful and inspiring environment for your crafting.  

Phytochemistry Basics

Most people may not think of chemistry as particularly awe-inspiring, however we think that it is truly magickal, and would love to share this with you!

Learn the basics of plant chemistry and understand why herbalists have honed particular ways after all this time.  

Medicine Making 

We will be discussing a type of medicine, the solvent used, the herbs best used with this solvent, their constituents and relevant formulas.

Making this medicine to an adequate concentration for use with particular body systems and ailments.  


If you are a plant lover who wants to learn in an environment where science and mysticism are not mutually exclusive, where intuition is as important as research, and where you can celebrate the unique way you work with herbs whilst still learning the foundations of solid herbal medicine practices, this course has been designed for you.  
We invite you into the wonders of phytochemistry, where the plants speak to you through molecules and magick.  

“When making medicines interacting with bioregional plants, you are preserving the ephemeral nature of time and space, through harnessing the components of the landscape and season, harvesting, drying, and brewing, the medicine simmers that sphere of ecological occasion into a verdant elixir that transcends time.  

The scents, colours, compounds that existed in that window, where you were embedded in the landscape interacting with those particular trees, plants, animals, under that particular sky, now have a place in your kitchen, perhaps to use on your body, and the medicine carries not only the chemistry, but the biological exchange that took place in that moment, between you and the land.  
What a wonder medicine is! And so you see, the medicine is not the product, but the embodiment of the process.”  
- Taj Scicluna  

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