a comprehensive introduction to Mycoremediation

Sept 15th- 16th
Geo Eco Farm
Silvan, Vic

$150 Concession - $200 Waged

Practical solutions to heal ourselves & our soils by allying with fungi.

Did you know that fungi had their basic mushroom shape (cap,gills & stipe) before our ancient  human ancestors even split away from them on the tree of life?

Fungi have seen the rise and fall of life on earth, they've seen civilisations crumble, and they've been restoring devastated lands back into dynamic ecosystems for aeons. It is time that we re-connect with our ancient fungal ancestors in order to remediate the current damage being inflicted upon our ecosystems and soils. 



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Nature's ultimate remediators, fungi hold the power in their DNA to break down a vast array of microbial and petrochemical pollutants. By allying with fungi (and in turn plants & bacteria) we can begin to restore our soils whilst gaining a deeper understanding of our own ecologies.



In this practical workshop, students will learn to ally with fungi and other symbionts to treat a range of common pollution sources. Students will develop an understanding of soil science and fungal biology, as well as learn hands-on fungi cultivation methods and mycoremediation processes that can be reproduced at low cost.We highly encourage any community remediators, community garden members, backyard gardeners, amateur mycologists & anyone with an interest in healing our soils to sign up for this Australian-first workshop.


Tyler Cameron - Mush Love Gourmet Mushrooms

Tyler Cameron (@burncitymyco) is a small-scale gourmet & medicinal mushroom farmer and amateur mycologist based in Bundoora, Melbourne. His background in global politics, hospitality, permaculture & landscape gardening are merely sidenotes toward his discovery of the Queendom of Fungi.

Having being taught by Nick Ritar (Milkwood Permaculture) and Peter McCoy (Mycologos/Radical Mycology) as well as a long-time student and mentee to Taj Scicluna (The Perma Pixie), Tyler incorporates holistic thinking and a passion for regenerative living into his courses. He believes fungi provide us with the real-life example of how our complex systems can be understood.

Follow @burncitymyco on instagram.

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