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Social Permaculture Workshop
The Inner Landscape 

Sunday 8th October 2017

The Woom Room 

Second Story Studios, 

Collingwood, Melbourne. 

$60 or $50 concession for 1 full day



**Normally priced at $280, we are offering this course at the above price to be inclusive and accessable for everyone, as this is a Social Permaculture workshop. 

2 Scholarships available for people of varied socio-economic backgrounds (Aboriginal or Torres Straight Islander, Single-Parents, Pensioners and full-time students eligable - enquire at

"The ultimate goal of farming is not the growing of crops, but the cultivation and perfection of human beings."

- Masanobu Fukuoka

Our degraded landscapes are a reflection of degraded social systems, in fact, there is no seperation. If we are to truly repair and regenerate our planet Earth, we must start remembering ourselves as part of Ecology.

To do this, we must first start to look at our own beliefs, ideas, thought patterns and actions. Permaculture teaches that everything is connected, and that means that each one of us makes ripples. If we are conscious, aware, present, and willing to accept feedback, we can in turn create the world we wish to live in through ourselves.

Social Permaculture provides solutions for individuals, groups, communities and organizations. It offers tools for change, delving into areas that are often not spoken about in our society.
Many Land-based systems fail due to social fabrics being frayed or torn, and many people are not given the tools to mend them.

In this course we will explore the patterns that are contributing to the degradation of our own wellbeing and there-fore that of our planet.
We will discover personal empowerment through a range of exercises that enable us to design more effiecient and effective social systems.
Permaculture is a design science, and this way of systems thinking can be applied in all facets of life, including personal patterns and lifestyle choices. 

If you would like to take full responsiblity for your survival and wellbeing, it begins here.





10:00am Intro

Explorarion of Principles of Permaculture and how we can relate them to the Self
Permaculture Design Web
Exercises for Goals Articulation, Visioning, and personal Design Process

12:00pm LUNCH - Pot luck, please bring a dish to share. 

Statement of Purpose & Quality of Life Statements
Needs Analysis - Addressing our own needs
How limiting factors and patterns can inhibit our growth
Create a Daily Statement of Purpose

2:00pm BREAK 

Time Mandala
Looking at time in windows of opportunity rather than seeing it as a limiting factor
Where would we like to use our time and energy and how

Creating Smart Goals
Using your personal design process for action and integration
Community as a Resource
Exploring the many forms of capital people have and how to use it in a community context

4:00pm End of Day

*Program subject to slight change



Learn how to become more self-aware, creative and emotionally healthy.
Learn how to communicate with others effectively.
Learn the integral processes for strong and resilient groups.

Care for the Earth starts with care of the Self.
It starts with one ripple.... I invite you to jump in.

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