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A Mother-Daughter Collaboration


Join Karen Scicluna of Moonwater Books, and Taj Scicluna The Perma Pixie, on a day long journey into the enchanted world of Bookbinding.




This is the first time this course has been offered, and Moonwater Books has come out of the craft room and into the workshop arena with The Perma Pixie, an avid creative facilitator that wishes to bring this art form to life through education!

We are so pleased to share this beautiful art with you!




You will be given an instruction booklet and taken through the technique of longstitch bookbinding, hand-binding your very own leather bound journal that you will take home.

What you will learn and receive:


- All materials provided (Leather, waxed thread, recycled paper, etc.)

- Longstich bookbinding instruction booklet

- Your own leather bound journal

- Tutoring from a bookbinder with 15yrs experience



Make your very own leather bound journal using no glue or adhesive, celebrating archaic binding techniques that will connect you to the enchanted tomes of past.

Book HERE 

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