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"In my experience, the most powerful nourishment given us by herbal tonics is delivered by simply commingling with living plants growing in a garden, particularly when it is your own garden" - James Green

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Build your own
Apothecary garden

Saturday 14th October 2023 
Wildwood Organics
Macedon Ranges, Vic 

10am - 4pm 


Herbalism begins with the Senses. 

This class will  give participants a chance to see, feel, touch, taste and smell the plants to gain hands-on experience that will continue once the class has finished.

Our society has become disconnected from the ability to heal ourselves and contribute to our overall health by the ways of preventative, precautionary and nourishing Medicine. Two thirds of Pharmaceuticals are still derived from plant sources today. Become more self-reliant and resilient by taking back our ancient wisdom and bringing healing into your own hands.

Who is it for

This workshop is for novice gardeners or those who have a little experience but want to go deeper. For people who already work with plants, herbalists, naturopaths seeking deeper connection to their medicine, or anyone who wishes to connect more deeply with the Earth. 

What will you learn

Some groundwork to designing and starting your own Apothecary garden! 

Easy to grow herbs to start with, techniques to keep them thriving, and how to plan for a year in the medicinal gar

Transform your relationship with medicinal plants by understanding their habits & preferences 


Yes, this workshop will still be relevant to those without land 'ownership' and pot plant gardeners! 

No, we will not be covering medicine-making in this workshop, please see other offerings. 

Create an Earthen Altar

A workshop dedicated to learning and founded on a physical connection

with the plants, who know that Herbalism starts from the ground up. 

For those who wish to learn with the plants, from the plants...

for those who want to quiet the mind, and take the time to listen.

For those who want to focus on healing ecosystems, soil, plant relationships

- as well as healing bodies. 

For those who understand plants are bodies too. Who want to experience the crooning lullaby of wind in oatstraw, the gentle shimmer of bare golden rod branches, the hum of pollen laden artichoke flowers... 

This is for you - Let's build an Earthen Altar. 

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