The Perma Pixie intends on creating a fertile and abundant world, where the Earth's resources are distributed fairly and with care and responsibility. 

She aims to facilitate a fusion of Ancient Wisdom with Modern Times, weaving the awareness of the past with the knowledge at present

to form a synergy that will benefit future generations. 

This is where functionality meets alchemy, a marriage of the mystical and practicality, an awareness of the

internal and external landscapes which can exist in harmony. 

Through Passionate Permaculture Education and Regenerative Environmental Services such as Permaculture Design and the

creation of diverse ornamental Edible and Medicinal  Gardens, The Perma Pixie aims to nurture diversity and protect ecology

through harbouring healthy and resilient communities and ecosystems. 


The Perma Pixie designs and creates beautiful, ornamental Medicinal Gardens, and facilitates hands-on, grassroots Herbalism courses, focusing on assisting people to re-establish their connection to plant medicine. 


"Medicine is an everyday interaction. Medicine is a relationship. Medicine is a way of being, a way of living. Medicine is air, water, food, movement, connections and even thought processes. 

Although I have a reverence for plant life, the science and constituents that are responsible for physiological responses and cultivating these for the creation of herbal products, plants have taught me more about being my authentic self, letting go, listening, pausing and appreciating than anything else. Leaf, Seed, Fruit, Root, Bark, Berry and Shoot fill me with an immeasurable joy, an undeniable gratitude, and a chance to be still within my productivity and be with myself."

Small Heading

The Perma Pixie designs and implements functional ornamental edible landscapes, considering the needs of both the client and the landscape, creating a synergy between the two. 
Her interactive and engaging Permaculture courses and workshops give people not only the knowledge and skill, but the inspiration and empowerment to continue their reconnection with the natural environment. 



"Permaculture is the science of applied ecological design. In using observation and calculated (and often creative) planning, systems are established, which are based on natural cycles to produce functional, efficient, regenerative and ethical outcomes. Using both traditional wisdom, as well as modern science, Permaculture primarily focuses on providing basic human needs and the social and economic foundations to support them. 
Permaculture is based on ecology, relationships, connections, interactions and the interdependence of living things and their environment. By mimicking nature, we can concentrate on how diverse elements contribute to whole landscapes, rather than only focusing on individual features and the yield we can receive from them.
Designing with nature and its cycles, we can start contributing to becoming a conscious part of this planet and offering solutions towards is ecological security. " 


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