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As Above, So Below.
Practicing on Wurundjeri land, Naarm, so called 'Australia'.
I pay my respects to Elders past, present and emerging. 

Botanical Educator, Grassroots & Bioregional Herbalist, Writer, Forager, Awe-seeker and Animist.

I’m calling back the Medicine.  
 The medicine of grounded living, expressed as a dedication to the romance of life through traditional practices and creative diction.  
Unlearning some of the modern ways that have bound us to formalities and routines that degrade our bodies and dull our minds.  
Re-learning many of the forgotten ways, the disciplines related to the elements, of breath and air, of fluid and water,

of sun and fire, of nourishment and earth, of creativity and ether.  


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Belong to the Botanical. 

I belong to the living breathing world that speaks to me through rock and tree.  
Offering my life as an artful expression of reciprocity; tending to the inner and outer landscapes, finding the threads between them, the relationships that bind us in interconnection, and ground us in the web of ecological wonder.

Medicine is an everyday interaction.

Medicine is a relationship.

Medicine is a way of being, a way of living.

Medicine is air, water, food, movement, connections and even thought processes. 


My reverence for plant life has only increased since dedicating myself to the science of working with the constituents that are responsible for physiological responses. Transforming them into herbal products has taught me more about being my true self: the importance of letting go, listening, pausing, and appreciating.

Leaf, Seed, Fruit, Root, Bark, Berry and Shoot... they fill me with an immeasurable joy, an undeniable gratitude, and a chance to be still within myself and witness the medicine of the moment.

Small Heading

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